Helen Clark, Administrator for the UN Development Program


Helen Clark, former Prime Minister of New Zealand and now Administer of the UN Development Program, spoke on Monday as part of a Q & A session.

The link below will send you directly to the page where Helen talks on many different topics. I was growing up in New Zealand at the time that Helen was Prime Minister, remembering one key moment where she didn’t allow American nuclear ships to dock in our ports, which she also received mixed reviews about.

“There is a long history around NZ’s nuclear free status – which I fully support. Nuclear power has inherent risks – and the huge issue of dangerous waste. NZ does not need any of that.” Helen Clark.

While unfortunately there is a lot of natter to sift through on this chat that unengaged individuals have written, Helen does have a few strong and valid cases to make and answers some tough questions on the MDG’s.

As for valid reasons some might have skepticism around the next 1000 days, Helen is adamant even more changes can be made, especially in having all children in school. One MDG I am personally fond of having worked on a child sponsorship program established in Sierra Leone.

I for one am proud of her in her new role, and representing NZ on the international stage.

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I just so happened to be back in New Zealand, (North Island) when the earthquake struck Christchurch. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. Been on the fault line, most kiwi’s would say that we are use to the odd shake here and there. But this was different.

Many people lost their lives, homes where lost, the city destroyed. My sister currently lives there now, and choose to move to the city after the quake happened, an odd decision in my opinion.

Its pleasing to see people remembering those lost, but also that the City is rebuilding.




A little under a year ago, I visited Dubai, and after watching this Vice Video, Slaves of Dubai, I realised I hadn’t shared my experience there.

I stayed with a male couch surfer, and english man, teaching there and he and his friends were able to show me a side to Dubai that you wouldn’t see on any tour.

I was told about the very men that were brought to Dubai from India and Pakistan with the promise of good wages and living standards. Unfortunately this is not always the case.

While there I also noticed that most of the people on the streets where males, most of which the population are, having to leave families at home.

My host had asked for my help one night, where I went with him to find women’s sanitary pads, nail polish remover, nail files, cough syrup. I was absolutely intrigued to learn that it was for a friend of his who had been put in jail. He had meet this woman through friends, who had actually come to Dubai to work as a prostitute. She had heard there was a lot of money to be made so came on a tourist visa to work for a few months and save. She had overstayed her visa and was advised by a lawyer friend to hand her self in as she wasn’t much over her time limit. Unfortunately someone had decided to make an example of her, and she had been in the prison for a lot longer than anyone had expected. We put the nail files and cough syrup in the amongst the rest of her belongings. I flew out to London the next day I’m not sure if the parcel was delivered, nor if this particular women was still in prison.

While there I was informed of the following article written by a British Journalist for The National who later revealed plagiarism among other things.


I love Vice, and recommend watching the following short documentary with Vice Founder Shane Smith and BBC Reporter Ben Anderson.

Miss World 1998


In 1998 Israeli Linor Abargil won the crown Miss World, only 7 weeks prior to that she was raped by knife point.

Upon receiving the crown she had already filed a case against her rapist for the assault and who to this day remains in prison.

Brave Miss World is a documentary about Linor’s ordeal but also that of which many females go through. She has spoken with hundreds of women, including celebrities about their stories.

African woman who were raped when they were virgins as their attackers believe sleeping with virgins would cure their aids.

Fran Drescher speaks of her 1985 attack along with other celebrities.

Linor was 18 at the time of attack and was in Milan, Italy. She was raped by a man, a israeli travel agent who persuaded her travel with him. She thanks her mother for her courage and support in helping her bring the attacker to justice.

To learn more:

Mobile Apps preventing food waste



I recently came across a mobile app that helps to prevent food waste which I thought was truly fantastic, although not yet available out of the US.

With the amount of food that goes to waste everyday its good to see mobile technology trying to combat against this. World Food Programme has reported that 870 million people in the world do not have enough to eat.



leloca, a mobile app that lets you save big discounts at some of your favourite restaurants provided you can get to them within a certain time period. All in the aid to reduce food waste.  


Another one that I love is gojee. This app and website, allows you to search for recipes by what you have in the pantry. The recipes are to die for, and when you like the look of the dish, you are then linked to the recipe. 


Why not check them out, and do your part in reducing food waste.

For more of an in depth look at different countries food situations visit: